Our Top Ten Hygiene Tips to Help You Beat Your Period

Our Top Ten Hygiene Tips to Help You Beat Your Period

You asked. We heard. 

Here are our Top Ten Tips to help you achieve ultimate Period-Hygiene-Etiquette.

1. When To Wash

    When am I supposed to wash my intimate areas whilst on my period?

    Doctors recommend washing your intimate areas 2x a day whilst on your period- but if you’d prefer to wash more often, that is completely fine! Once in the morning and once before bed is ideal, but any additional washes in between are also safe. 

    2. How To Wash

    It’s one thing knowing when to wash, but knowing how to wash your intimate area is a completely different skill, especially when on your period. 

    The vagina is self-cleaning, so you don’t even need to clean internally. In fact, doctors urge women not to do so. 

    Instead, medical professionals recommend cleaning with warm water (no soap!) from front to back. 

    3. Feminine Wet-wipes and Deodorant 

    Feminine sprays can be extremely dangerous and can cause unpleasant conditions such as vaginitis. This is why, at Womooi, we will never encourage you to buy products that are not completely safe.

    To feel fresh, we would recommend cleansing yourself with water (as described in Tip 2) or occasionally using feminine wet-wipes instead- and doctors agree with us!

    Look out for wipes with a pH of 3.8, as doctors say this won’t disrupt your natural pH. 

    4. Disposing of Sanitary Products 

    What are we supposed to do with our used sanitary products? 

    It is always best to dispose of used pads and tampons by wrapping them and putting them in a closed bin that is regularly emptied (to stop the spread of bacteria in your bathroom).

    5. Never Flush!

    Can’t we just flush our sanitary products?

    Flushing sanitary products is not only bad for the environment- it can lead to blocked pipes and is a plumbing nightmare… Trust us. This method is not Womooi approved. 

    6. Inserting and Removing Sanitary Items Safely

    It is incredibly important to wash your hands before opening new or disposing of old pads. 

    However, tampons are used internally, so be extra sure to combat nasty bacteria by washing your hands before inserting the tampons and removing them. 

    We will spare you the gross details, but bacteria on your hands after inserting/removing sanitary items can cause all sorts of problems, so don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards too!

    7.Wearing Sanitary Pads

    Sanitary pads are life-savers for many women, but they can literally save your life from many diseases- so long as you remember to change them every 4 hours!

    8.Wearing Pads at Night

    At night, all of your bodily functions will slow down while you sleep. This includes your blood flow, so leaving your pad while you sleep is perfectly fine- but make sure to change it just before you go to sleep and right away when you wake up.

    9. Wearing Tampons 

    It is safe to leave the same tampon in for between 4-8 hours. Any longer than this and you are at a serious risk of developing several illnesses, including toxic-shock syndrome which is life-threatening. 

    Thankfully, you are safe, so long as you be sure to remember to change your tampon regularly. 

    Just like with sanitary pads, you can leave your tampon in overnight, just be sure to change it before bed and first thing when you wake up.

    10. Bathing on Your Period

    Is it safe to bathe on your period? Yes and no.

    Bathing on your period can be safe. but if the bathtub is not sufficiently clean, this could lead to an infection. 

    When done carefully and safely, baths are the perfect de-stresser. Many women find that they even relieve menstrual cramps.

    Sounds like a win to us!

    That’s it for Our Top Ten Hygiene Tips to Help You Beat Your Period! We hope that our Hygiene Tips have helped you. Why not share this post with your friends and pass on this information? Also, take a minute to explore our period beauty box!

    As always, we wish you an incredible period and a fantastic day!

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