Pads or Tampons? How to Choose What’s Right for You

Pads or Tampons? How to Choose What’s Right for You

Pads v. tampons…

It’s a debate that goes back decades, and yet the verdict is still unclear:

Which period protection is best?

At Womooi, we believe that it’s all about figuring out what works for your lifestyle.

Not sure which is right for you?

Luckily, we’ve evaluated the pros and cons of using both tampons and pads so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the right period protection.

As always, the Womooi team are here to save your period.

(After all- that’s what we do best.)

What are the benefits of using pads?


  1. Peace of Mind

One huge benefit that comes from using pads involves toxic shock-syndrome (TSS).

You see, if tampons are left in too long then this could lead to the development of TSS, a sometimes-lethal condition.

What attracts many women to pads is that there is no risk of developing TSS, giving many women more peace of mind.

Of course, TSS only occurs if a tampon is left in for longer than the recommended time (6-8 hours) but we think its definitely worth considering.

  1. Beauty Sleep

Finding the right pad for you is not only easier than finding the right tampon for you, but, if you’ve read our previous blog posts, you’ll know that pads don’t have to be changed quite as regularly as tampons. 

This means that you can indulge in a full night’s rest without having to get up in the middle of the night to change your protection.

Sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it?

What are the benefits of using tampons?

  1. Small and Mighty

If women are warriors, tampons are our lethal weapons. 

Their small size means that they won’t take up too much room in your purse and are much easier to hide. 

If you value discretion, tampons might be the perfect option for you.

  1. Freedom

Unlike pads, tampons can be removed and changed quickly, efficiently and (most importantly) discreetly. 

In fact, they’re so discreet that, if you’ve found the perfect fit, you might even forget that you’re wearing one. 

(Remember: ALWAYS change your tampon after 8 hours. The more frequent, the better.)

This makes exercising whilst on your period much easier, which is a big bonus because exercise can reduce symptoms like cramps.

Sounds like a win-win to us. 

So, which type of period protection is right for you? 

The choice truly is yours.

Some women even choose to use a combination of pads and tampons depending on how they feel.

At Womooi, we believe every woman should have high-quality period protection that is made especially for them.

To see how we can transform the way you experience your period, visit the Your Womooi Box page on our website.

As always, we wish you a wonderful period and a fantastic day!

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