Should You Exercise During Your Period?

Should You Exercise During Your Period?

When it comes to the subject of women’s health, we often find ourselves focusing on three key lifestyle areas that can support the body.

These are:

  • 7-8 Hours of Sleep,
  • A Balanced Diet,
  • Exercise

(It is important to note that all three of these areas play a vital role in our health, but especially in women’s health.)

And today, we’re going to focus on exercise.  

But we’re not just talking about any kind of exercise. Oh no.

We’re focusing on regular, consistent exercise.

Recommended by experts, exercising consistently allows the body to stay fit and to regulate our hormones.

And we will also be answering the age-old question:

“Should I Exercise During My Period?”

But first of all, let’s talk a little more about what kind of exercise we’re talking about, and why it’s so important.

The Benefits of Persistent Exercise

Some recent studies have shown us that regular exercise can reduce the risk of over 30 different chronic diseases. Conditions and diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and more can be avoided by making physical activity more of a priority.

And it really doesn’t need to be strenuous.

We promise.

To be honest, it doesn’t even need to be every day.

It just needs to be consistent. That’s the real key here.

(Simply put, committing to a daily walk will be much more beneficial for your body than running once a year.)

By making regular physical activity a part of your weekly schedule, you will be protecting yourself and, ultimately, prioritising your menstrual health.

Exercising regularly has been proven to alleviate many of the symptoms commonly associated with your cycle.

Imagine a future where symptoms like nausea, fatigue, cramps, headaches or mood swings no longer define your period.

It really is closer than you might think.

Reducing the potency and the effects of these symptoms is completely, utterly possible.

No, really. It’s true.

While some experts in recent years have gone on to deny the relationship between exercise and period pain, the overwhelming majority of experts maintain that consistent, regular exercise will help to alleviate many of the most common PMS symptoms, but particularly period cramps.

So, if we know that consistent exercise helps to promote menstrual health, what does this tell us about exercise during our period? Is it safe?

Debunking Some Period Myths

There really is a lot of readily available misinformation out there.

But when we see misinformation about our periods… that’s when we have to step in.

There are a lot of untrue ‘facts’ about exercising on your period, and at Womooi, we believe that all women deserve to know the truth so that together we can make our periods something to look forward to rather than dread.

Let’s sort out the truth from the fiction.

  • Myth #1: Avoid Swimming

We know that right now, given the current state of the world, swimming might not be an option for everyone.

However, if you do have safe access to a swimming pool, then we say go for it!

Your period is not there to stop you enjoying this wonderful sport- in fact, this gentle exercise will help work out your whole body without leaving you feeling run-down afterwards.

So, you get all the benefits of exercise-induced endorphins, without the downsides of intense exercise while on your period.

Honestly, we can’t see a downside…

  • Myth #2: You Can’t Have Fun

Pfft- of course, you can! 

Anything you can do when you’re not on your period can be done while on your period, too. 

That definitely includes dancing.

In fact, in our opinion, there is no better remedy for period cramps than blasting your favourite song and dancing like nobody’s watching.

So long as you aren’t putting too much strain on your body, go for it!

  • Myth #3: Just Go For a Run!

A lot of women believe that going for a run while on their period will help to alleviate the less favourable symptoms we suffer through (like headaches or cramps).

The only problem is… the truth isn’t quite so simple.

You see, while exercise can help alleviate these symptoms, women see more improvement with consistent exercise throughout the month, promoting hormone regulation.

Intense exercise during your period could leave you feeling even worse than before and could end up exacerbating any fatigue that you may be experiencing already.

With that being said, let’s finally answer our million-dollar question…

Should You Exercise During Your Period?

Not only is every woman different, but every period is different.

As you’ll know, the way that you experience your period can differ greatly from one month to the next - so the most important thing is learning what works for you and your lifestyle.

Some women like to go about their day as normal when their period arrives, while others prefer to take things easy until their symptoms have passed.

And that’s okay.

Both options are completely fine.

Every woman is unique, so every woman will have her own unique way of managing her symptoms…

But it is definitely worth remembering that gentle exercise during your period can really help you to alleviate unwanted symptoms.

For example, if you normally jog on a Wednesday but suddenly get your period, you could try swapping your jog for a peaceful stroll or a lighter workout.

Regular and gentle exercise is vital, especially if you are struggling with some of the less favourable symptoms of your period, such as cramps.

This well help give you that much-needed (and deserved) rush of endorphins without making you feel tired or worn out.

But, like with all-things-period, what matters the most is finding a solution that works for you.

And we know all about that.

At Womooi, we dedicate our lives to helping women find their perfect period. Take a look at our period pamper box box!

To find out more about how we’ve helped transform the lives of thousands of women, check out Your Womooi Box and discover a new world of menstrual health and happiness.

As always, we wish you a wonderful period and a fantastic day!


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