The Ultimate Guide to Menopause

The Ultimate Guide to Menopause

Most women will get their first period between the ages of 10 and 16, and their menstrual cycle will continue well into adulthood.

We’ve spoken a lot about periods in the past, but what we haven’t delved into yet is what occurs when menstruation stops altogether.

That’s right- today, we’re talking about the ‘m’ word.

And we don’t mean money or men or magazines.

Today, ladies, we’re talking about the menopause- and we’re sparing no details.

So, grab a drink, relax, and let’s begin!

  • What is the Menopause?

Firstly, the menopause is a completely natural part of life.

We repeat, the menopause is a completely natural part of life.

But sadly, many women feel a sense of great loss when they reach the menopause.

While these feelings are completely normal, we want to remind you ladies that whatever age you are, whether you still get your period or not…

You. Are. Amazing!

We really mean it.

Well, now we’ve got that important notice out of the way, let’s find out what the menopause actually is.

The menopause occurs when women stop having their period altogether and can no longer get pregnant naturally, and this will usually be when the woman is between the age of 45 and 55.

(It sounds like it should be more complicated than that, but that’s really all the menopause is.)

Leading up to the menopause, a woman’s periods can begin to become less frequent before stopping completely, but some women claim that their menstrual cycle stopped much more suddenly.

  • What Are the Symptoms of the Menopause?

Hot Flushes

Its one of the most common symptoms of the menopause, but even the notorious hot flushes occur differently in different women, and sometimes start before menopause even begins.

While some women experience these throughout the day, others will only experience hot flushes at night-time, along with night sweats.

Our suggestion? Ice cream.

Then again, our suggestion is always ice cream.

But… we suppose… if you’d prefer some medical advice… we should probably mention that doctors usually recommend steering clear of spicy foods, alcohol, smoking, thick clothing and caffeine to help manage these hot flushes.

Although, we’re still pretty sure that some ice cream wouldn’t hurt!

Mood Swings

Some of our least favourite symptoms of the menopause include mood swings and feelings of sadness, frustration, depression or even anxiety.

Not fun.

What makes this even worse is that many women already experience heavy feelings such as fear and a loss of identity when they reach the menopause, so these symptoms can have a very negative impact on a woman’s mental health in many different ways.

Think about it…

After living the majority of your life with a menstrual cycle, losing it can feel quite traumatic.

But its O.K., that is totally normal. You’re allowed to feel upset or unsure.

Remember, your body is a temple, it is there to protect you and to let you live. The menopause, just like menstruation, is a natural part of life. And like menstruation, it isn’t always easy.

But you are not alone, and there are always people you can reach out to for advice or even just a shoulder to cry on.

That’s allowed, too!

Everybody has their low days, but when these days are often and your mood is affecting your everyday life, it is time to focus on yourself again and your own mental health!

All of us at Womooi urge you to seek help if you are experiencing any of the symptoms on this list. You, your physical and mental health all deserve it!

Pro tip: document everything!

Your doctor needs to know your symptoms so they can know exactly how to help you!

As per usual, we suggest keeping a diary to document your experiences, and we don’t just mean your physical symptoms. We’re talking mental health, too.

That’s just as important.

Vaginal Dryness

The clue is in the name, but vaginal dryness is a term used to describe multiple different symptoms that can occur just before or during the menopause.

These symptoms include feeling discomfort or pain during sex, recurring urinary tract infections, needing to go to the bathroom more often than normal or any feelings of itchiness or soreness around the vagina.

A loss of libido is also typical for women entering the menopause anyway, so these symptoms can further cause women to feel uncomfortable in the bedroom.  

Again, we must encourage all of our readers to never stay silent about your struggles! All women should feel confident to ask for the help that they need and deserve.

We know some of the above symptoms are very unwanted and inconvenient, so that’s why we wanted to raise awareness of some of these difficulties!

Because the symptoms of the menopause present themselves so differently in different women (with some women having completely different symptoms to one another) it is so important to stay in tune with your body.

If you think you might be going through the menopause, visit your doctor. Don’t be silent on your health!

And if you know you are going through the menopause but are really struggling with your symptoms, you should still re-visit your doctor. You deserve to be helped.

And always, always remember… you are not alone. All of us will go through the menopause at some point in our lives.

The menopause is not an ending.  Instead, we prefer to see it as a new beginning, and new beginnings are always much brighter when faced with friends, so remember to reach out to the other women in your life!

You never know, some of them could be going through this too, so never suffer in silence. Learn about the lifestyle changes to reduce unwanted PMS symptoms...

That’s it for our Ultimate Guide to the Menopause. What did you think? We would love to hear from you! Take a look at our monthly feminine product delivery!

Be sure to share this post to a girlfriend in need of some morale boosting and education on this big (completely & utterly normal) topic!

As always, we wish you a wonderful period and a fantastic day!

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