Our Story

About Us

At Womooi, we are on a mission to make periods something to look forward to. Although we cannot change what Mother Nature offers every month, we can at least try to take away some impracticalities and give something to make those days more enjoyable.

It was actually my husband who noticed me running around to get pads at unexpected moments. I sent him to the store a few times to get pads but he always came back with the wrong ones! How can this be something so natural which we are used to, yet we feel so unprepared? Why does it still surprise us?

In a space of a few weeks I noticed many friends and family members had similar experiences. In our busy lives we are not finding the time to keep track of our periods, let alone the number of pads or tampons that are left in the washroom. And what are the options when you are in pain and have run out of pads? Asking a family member or friend can be so embarrassing! And that one time I remembered to buy pads from the store, my favorite brand was out of stock.

The frustration of having to deal with these little things, when we have other important matters led to the creation of Womooi. What if we had a service where all this hassle was taken away? Where we would have everything we need for the period and when we need it, plus a little extra. A small gift to look forward to, customized especially for you, to make you feel special which in addition is delivered right to your doorstep! The idea seemed exciting and we jumped on it right away.